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Friday Fun: Spreadsheet Heroes to the Rescue

You can't PivotTable stuff all day long! So here is a selection of three pieces of Excel art which will amuse you, amaze you, surprise you. Pow! Bang! #N/A! #N/A! #N/A! #N/A! Batman! This one will rescue you if your workbook is full of errors. Oh, oh, oh! Sweet file...

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Friday Fest: PowerPoint Training Testimonial

Few understand how master slides, themes and designs really work to produce slides that are consistent and legible. A PowerPoint course saves many hours of frustration as this satisfied user demonstrates. "I never knew of Master slides which will now help me save a...

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Delete Outlook Messages before they Arrive

Too popular at work? For some reason, your Outlook inbox is where everybody else's conversations converge. From now on, instead of deleting messages that you are not interested in, why not delete messages which you will not be interested in? Yes. Delete the future...

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