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Insert the current date or time quickly without looking at your watch with today’s Excel tip

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  If you have to frequently enter the current date and time into your spreadsheet e.g. in a log or diary entry, there’s a quick way to do it without having to type the date, time or even looking at your watch as shown in today’s tip.
In a cell
Press [CTRL]+[;] to insert the current date
Press [CTRL]+[:] to insert the current time
While I have been using this for many years, only recently and by accident did I discover that I could use the shortcut to insert the date/time anywhere inside some other text. Handy, eh?
 e.g. in a cell 
type "This report was updated on "  then
press [CTRL] + [;]
  You may already use =Today() and =Now() to always display the current date and time in a workbook. These however will refresh every day/time the workbook is saved.   Go on, try it.