Microsoft Excel Training Courses

Our range of courses in Microsoft Excel are designed to aid the participant build their knowledge up from that of a complete beginner to a robust and advanced level.

Learn which Excel features can save you time and effort, how to banish accounting errors, eliminate incorrect forecasts, and how to automate your spreadsheets (or let us do it for you)

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Become A Data Expert With Our Excel Courses

Most people learn Excel on the job, from co-workers and through trial-and-error. Most people pick up bad habits and create significant risks to their organisations in the process. Have you ever felt frustrated and under pressure to come up with a spreadsheet report? Chances are you maybe one of many who do not have a data management strategy and stumble when you should be able to run. Are you putting yourself and your organisation at risk without knowing it? If you have tried and failed in the past, you may be plagued with accounting errors, the risks of wrong forecasts and other problems.

Learn All The New Features

Learn to harness the many features of Excel, we have got a range of Excel courses to suit your needs and we customise them to suit you, if you prefer. Our Excel courses cover all the techniques to help you make your business run smoothly such as spreadsheet design, management and reporting; excel functions including Excel Statistical functions, Excel Financial functions, VLOOKUP, IF, SUMIF; PivotTablesand PivotChart Reporting; Database Management, sorting, filtering; Data visualisation with Excel Charts and integration with Word, PowerPoint; Excel Spreadsheet automation with Excel macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA); Expert trainers demonstrate Excel and Spreadsheet Best Practices.

Our Excel Development and Consulting Services

Business Brains provides consulting and spreadsheet development services for Excel and Visual Basic with integration into all other major applications. We develop new applications leveraging the power of Excel and Visual Basic For Applications (VBA) and provide your business with automation solutions which are practical, accurate and easy to maintain. Our solutions include customised workbooks, templates, add-ins, macros as well as more complex applications based on Excel and Visual Basic.

We work with individuals on small projects and with major corporations that need an entire application linking together multiple Office applications. We can link up your Excel files with PowerPoint Presentations, Word Documents, Access Databases, and MS Project Projects.

Our services include Excel applications with Visual Basic For Applications (VBA); Custom Workbooks, Templates, Add-ins; Spreadsheet, Functions, Macros Troubleshooting; Integrationof Excel with other Office applications; Integration with SQL Server; VBA procedures and Macros; User-defined functions (UDF).


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