Microsoft Outlook & Time Management Course

This Outlook course is for busy professionals in Irish organisations of all sizes who want to discover how to use Outlook collaboratively or become more effective at managing their schedule and to-do lists.

  • Delivered by expert trainers on-site
  • For your team or one-to-one
  • Learn good time management foundations
  • Use Outlook to prioritise activities, plan time, track objectives and achieve Inbox Zero

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Course Duration

One full day course.


Course Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will understand the foundations of good time management and will be able to use Outlook to prioritise their activities, plan their time, track objectives and achieve Inbox Zero.

Who is this Course for

New and existing Outlook users whether individuals or part of a working team, who want to be more effective at managing their time, managing their communications and work more productively with others.
Note: to make the most of this course, participants are asked to complete a practical, short preparation beforehand.

Course Prerequisites

Basic PC skills and knowledge of email is required. Short preparation required ahead of the course.


Course Outline

Click on the headings below for more information on course topics:

Defining Personal Productivity


  • Issues in Time Management
  • Meaningful objectives and Next actions
  • Planning, Prioritising, Reviewing
  • Time Management Quadrants
Setting-up your Workflow in Outlook


  • Overview of Outlook tools
  • Organising your workspace
  • Mapping your objectives
  • Toolbars and Menus
Scheduling and Planning with the Calendar


  • Managing time
  • Can you say ‘No’?
  • Baseline Calendar
  • Calendar events
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Team calendars
  • Calendars and delegation
Managing Activities


  • Clearing the mind
  • Planning by objective/goal
  • Setting next strategic actions
  • Working in ‘context’ with categories
  • Customising task views
  • When do you use tasks vs. calendars?
  • Creating tasks
  • Delegating with Outlook
Managing information and email


  • Search features
  • Getting to Inbox Zero?
  • Your email filing system
  • ‘Actioning’ email with flags and reminders
  • The Four D’s of Decision Making
  • E-mail Automatic Filing with Rules/Quick Steps
Working with Email


  • Communicating effectively with e-mail
  • Composing e-mail with the PASS Model
  • Replying, Forwarding, Deleting
  • Formatting, spell checking, options
  • Working with Attachments and Links
  • E-mail Preferences and Options
  • Creating your Signature(s)
Address Books and More


  • Global Address Book
  • Personal Contacts
  • Managing your Contacts
  • Creating Contacts
  • Creating Groups
  • Social addons (LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Quick Tips & Tricks
Smarter Outlook Settings


  • Out of Office
  • Rules
  • Stationery and Message Templates
  • Change your Default Settings
  • A word about Notes, Journalling and Public Folders
What changes will you make?


  • Applying what you learned
  • Course review
  • Questions and Answers