Advanced Power Pivot For Microsoft Excel Training Course

Power Pivot for Excel (2010, 2013) is a powerful tool which allows you to consolidate and mine data from multiple sources, investigate trends, create dashboards and make sense of your business data with just a few clicks in the familiar environment of Excel. Discover the power of Power Pivot for Excel with our courses

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Course Duration

The standard course content can be delivered over one day or customise to meet your specific requirements. it can be delivered on-site, to groups or one-to-one. In fact, we often customise it to suit the types of data, data sources and reports our clients use rather than stick to a standard course so that you can start using everything you learn straightaway.


Course Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will be able to describe some uses of Power Pivot in Excel 2010 and the data model in Power View for Excel 2010; to import data into a Power Pivot and create relationships; to generate Power Pivot tables and charts; to customise Power Pivot table and chart appearance; to create DAX measures and calculated columns; to generate reporting dashboards and management KPIs (Key Performance Indices).

Who is this Course for

If you are looking to boost your business or advance your career, then Power Pivot Training is for you. This includes:

• Data Analysts
• Finance Professionals
• Business Managers
• Information Professionals
• Excel Users (intermediate or advanced)
• Career movers and shakers

Course Prerequisites

No previous experience required as we show you everything from the start but if you know a little about Excel formulas, one-to-many relationships in Access, SQL queries, VLOOKUP, Powerpivots Reports, you have a headstart.

What's Included

  • Customised course
  • Plenty of hands-on practice, project and exercices – you can even bring your own files for practice.
  • FREE Manual: we provide a training manual which covers the essential aspects of creating Powerpivots reports.
  • FREE Support after the course – if you’re ever stuck with a measure, a PivotTable or can’t remember how to build a dashboard then you can get in touch for help!
  • FREE pre-course assessment if required
  • FREE Certificate of attendance

Onsite Training & Offsite Training

(At Your Premises)
We specialise in running customised courses at your premises so that you don’t incur any travel and subsistence expenses. In addition, this means that you choose the date and times that suit you. Finally, being onsite means you can connect to your data, communicate with your team or database administrators as you try to apply what you learn during the course.

But you don’t have to. We can also organise an offsite training session where you or your team at a location convenient to you, which will also minimise disruptions to your working day.

Team Training
Our courses are designed your team because you all work towards the same goals, face similar challenges and have the same understanding of your business. We do not run courses open to the public where confidentiality issues restrict the questions you can ask or people you don’t know discuss issues you don’t care about.

If you’d rather have a one-to-one and explore the subject in depth and ask any question you need to ask, we can tailor our course to do just that.

Why Business Brains

We are passionate about working smarter – PowerPivot is the ultimate in working smarter!
With 20 years’ experience in Microsoft Excel, 8 years’ experience in training accountants, business managers, consultants, individuals and teams, we guarantee that we can deliver a PowerPivot for Excel training session that will change the way you look at, and use, business intelligence.
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Course Outline

Click on the headings below for more information on course topics:



  • Why use PowerPivots
  • PowerPivot Workbooks
  • The PowerPivot tab
  • Data sources
  • Relationships
Importing Data & The Data Model


  • Connecting to data sources
  • Writing a Query to Import Data
  • Using the Table Import Wizard
  • Import and Filter from Databases
Creating Relationships


  • Understanding relationships
  • Review existing relationships
  • Create new relationships
Building DAX Formulas / Measures


  • Formula basics
  • Calculated fields and measures
  • DAX Time Intelligence functions
  • DAX Relate (lookup) functions
  • DAX Calculate functions
  • Understanding Filters, ALL functions
Useful Queries


  • SELECT Queries
  • Logical Operators and Conditionals
  • Joins
  • Aggregate Functions
PivotTables and PivotCharts


  • Creating a PivotTable
  • Updating the table
  • Changing the table structure
  • Formatting the PivotTable
Creating Dashboards


  • Formatting PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • KPI
  • Dashboards
  • Best Practices
Course Review


  • Applying what you learned
  • Course review
  • Questions and Answers

Do you feel limited with the tools you use to represent your organisation’s information? Instead of learning to use Visio confidently, are you still fumbling with Excel charts, drawing basic flowcharts with PowerPoint shapes and AutoShapes? Or are you starting from no knowledge of diagrams at all?

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Which Microsoft VIsio Training?

We offer three levels of Visio and customised training to suit your specific business needs.

  • Microsoft Visio Introduction Course for those who are completely new to Visio and want an overview of the main drawing types you can create effortlessly in Visio.
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