Microsoft Project Courses

Our Microsoft Project courses help participants develop plans, set up a project, schedule tasks, assign resources, work with views and resolve scheduling conflicts.

We also offer courses which expand on the first course which develop the participants’ skills in areas such as resources and resource pools, tracking costs, as well as introduce concepts and tools for ongoing project plans.

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Learn Microsoft Project in One Day

If you have tried to work with Microsoft Project in the past to help you to develop a plan for your project and have not been able to figure out how to work with the many features and functions that this program has to offer you may be upset at your recent failures. If you want to be able to use this program and harness its full potential in order to help you to perform the many tasks it is capable of then our Microsoft Project training courses are a great way to do just that! Do not worry if you are a beginner, through the use of our quality Microsoft Project training, we will help you quickly develop project plans with ease using Microsoft project!


Know How to Use The Right Tool

Become your own Microsoft Project expert when you train with us so that you can take advantage of the many benefits which this awesome program has to offer. Our expert trainers have hands on experience in the field and can provide you with the type of training that will help you to learn the best methods and tips that can be beneficially used within the industry. We will provide you with everything you need to learn the basic and advanced features of this program so that you can save both time and effort!

With a little help from us you will be able to use Microsoft Project to help you develop a clear view of tasks and milestones which are professional and visually appealing due to the text effects and colour palettes available. You will also learn how to utilize the team planner view as well which can help you to easily identify problems over time which can help you to quickly identify and resolve issues as they arise. You will be able to make use of different templates and save custom templates which can help you to come up with a realistic project timeline based on the specifics of your project; Let us show you how!

Master Microsoft Project

During our Microsoft Project training you will learn how to create and input work breakdown structure; use baselines and manage progress; manage resources and scarcity; schedule and create task dependencies; discover best practices, workaround and shortcuts to project management.

Learning to harness Microsoft Project puts you in control with ease of use and flexibility.

Learn Project and Master Gantt Charts

During our Microsoft Project training you will learn how to:

  • Create and input work breakdown structure
  • Use baselines and manage progress
  • Manage resources and scarcity
  • Schedule and create task dependencies
  • Discover best practices, workaround and shortcuts to project management

Choose a Microsoft Project Course

Contact us about any of these courses and we will send you the relevant information regarding the course outline and course costs:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Project and Project Planning – 1 day
  • Microsoft Project Tracking and Monitoring – 1 day
  • Skills Assessment and Customised Courses – 1 day

Do you feel limited with the tools you use to represent your organisation’s information? Instead of learning to use Visio confidently, are you still fumbling with Excel charts, drawing basic flowcharts with PowerPoint shapes and AutoShapes? Or are you starting from no knowledge of diagrams at all?

Learn to use Visio which is the tool you should be using by joining one of our Visio courses.

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Create Complex Diagrams In Minutes

Developing complex professional diagrams shouldn’t take so long so why are you stumbling to present the information in your head in a compelling visual? Become an expert when you attend our Visio training courses, whatever your level and needs, and discover all the features which make your job a pleasure not a chore. Visio unleashes your creative side and gives you instant results. Learn the proper techniques and see the results quickly.

Take your Diagramming to a New Level

Once you have completed our Visio training you will be comfortable using the program and will be able to create expert level diagrams and plans with ease. So, whether you need to illustrate your processes for ISO certification or compliance regulations or simply would like to learn Visio as a way to communicate technical representations of ideas, structures, concepts, blueprints and a variety of other purposes our Visio training can do just that! So, if you have been looking for the best Visio training program around, look no further!

Learn Visio The Right Way

Learn to draw flow charts, process flow; represent information in swimlanes / cross-functional flow charts; map organisational charts; manipulate shapes and link data; create complex layouts; visualise floor plans and floor layouts; create complex diagrams and apply layers of information; bring real-time data together from multiple sources, link to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft SQL Server; manage processes with sub-processes; apply rules and logic validation; implement rules and validation; ensure accuracy and consistency across the organization; share dynamic diagrams over the web; icons and data bars; create SharePoint workflows.

Which Microsoft VIsio Training?

We offer three levels of Visio and customised training to suit your specific business needs.

  • Microsoft Visio Introduction Course for those who are completely new to Visio and want an overview of the main drawing types you can create effortlessly in Visio.
  • Microsoft Visio Intermediate Course for existing Visio users who can create simple drawings but need to understand the full capabilities of Visio and need to be more effective in creating large amounts of drawings quickly. 
  • Microsoft Visio Advanced Course for existing users with Pro versions of Visio who want to use it in multiple business environments. We talk about Visio programmability and integration with data. 


  • Microsoft Visio Customised for those who have specific needs and want to focus on specific drawing types, e.g. architecture, engineering drawings and diagrams.