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Excel Macros and VBA: UserForms and Event-Based Programming

22 October 2016 @ 9:15 am - 5:00 pm

€285 – €465

Turn your VBA code into fully interactive applications easily 

This course introduces more techniques for using Excel programming with VBA and works as a follow-on session to Excel Macros and VBA: Automate spreadsheets. By the end of the day you will be able to create applications which provide interactions with users and also extend Excel with your own user functions. 

  • Interact with spreadsheet users by building UserForms. 
  • Extend Excel with your own user-defined functions (UDF)
  • Discover how to run macros and events automatically with event programming 

Unit 1: UserForms 

Why should your macros always do the same thing? With UserForms you create dialogs which interact with users. Users are no longer passive in front of your code – they have an input into what it does. 

  • Create and style UserForm modules with text boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes
  • Capture user answers and user choices with UserForm modules
  • Advanced form controls
  • Convert your macros into addins

Unit 2: User-Defined Functions

Excel includes hundreds of functions like SUM, AVERAGE, SUMIF or more specific functions like the financial function PMT (monthly payment of a loan). User-Defined Functions (UDF) allow you to create your own functions for that very particular calculation you need to be able to recreate all the time.

  • Creating a user-defined function
  • Setting parameters
  • Calculations in user-defined functions

Unit 3: Build charts with VBA

In this unit you will learn to use VBA to generate charts with the Chart object, methods and properties. 

  • The Chart object
  • .SetSourceData
  • .ChartType
  • .ChartTitle.Text
  • .Axes

Unit 4: Event-Programming

Macros that run automatically? It’s possible with events triggering specific actions.  

  • Worksheet events e.g. Worksheet_Change,  Worksheet_SelectionChange
  • Workbook events e.g.  Workbook_Open, Workbook_BeforeClose
  • Other events

Free: What else you get with this course

  • Pre-course assessment
    We’ll help you find the right course level for free
  • Small class size
    Learning is easier with a small class size – you can ask questions and get personalised attention
  • Hands on
    Plenty of hands-on practice, project and exercices – you can even bring your own files for practice.
  • Manual
    covers the essential aspects of creating PowerPoint presentation.
  • Support
    if you’re ever stuck with a macro or branching code after this course, you can get in touch for help! Forever!
  • Certificate
    we will send you a certificate so you can update your CV with the new skills you acquired during the training.

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22 October 2016
9:15 am - 5:00 pm
€285 – €465
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