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Excel Macros and VBA: Automate spreadsheets

8 October 2016 @ 9:15 am - 5:00 pm

Free – €465

Automate your spreadsheets with macros and Visual Basic

This course takes you through all the steps required to learn the Visual Basic language the quick way in Excel. By the end of the day you will be able to replace tedious, repetitive tasks you perform in Excel with one-button automation routines that cuts your workload in a fraction of the time. 

  • Take your first programming steps and learn Visual Basic for Applications using Excel
  • Develop your own code and learn to re-use thousands of code snippets your find using Google
  • Learn best practices, master the Object Browser and all the lingo to progress fast

Unit 1: Recording macros for all situations

Macros are the quickest way to ‘write’ your own VBA code. In this unit, you will learn (or review) how to record macros and troubleshoot them; you will create adaptable quickly and learn how to quickly master task automation in Excel. Benefit: skip the manual and get creating code immediately.

  • Record and troubleshoot macros
  • Visual Basic Editor, Debug tool and Immediate Window
  • Adaptable macros that work for various sizes and data locations
  • Make code from the internet (thank you, Google!) work for your spreadsheet

Unit 2: Practice Labs

In this unit, you will be guided to create solutions combining macro recordings, existing code and your own programming in order to automate simple to complex. The practice labs are important in breaking complex processes down to logical steps and developing your programming mind.  

  • Lab 1: Data preparation and data cleansing
  • Lab 2: Spreadsheet formatting 
  • Lab 3: Combining multiple macros

Unit 3: Unlocking the VBA Code

In this unit, we delve deeper into the VBA language – enough to master the tools provided in Excel but without losing ourselves in the thousands or object, methods and properties available. Benefit: start writing your own code from scratch and manipulating objects.

  • Working with references to ranges, Offset and Resize ranges
  • Understand objects, methods and properties; variables and constants; subroutines
  • Interact with users through the MessageBox and InputBox
  • Useful structures and syntax for loops (For each… and While…) and decisions (If… Then…)

Unit 4: Practice Labs

In this unit, you will create loops and decision structures to work through large amounts of data, cells, sheets or files. You will learn to structure your code and clean it up. 

  • Lab 1: Transferring and transforming data selectively (loops, branching)
  • Lab 2: Create charts using code
  • Lab 3: Integrating Excel VBA with other applications (e.g. PowerPoint, Outlook etc.)

Free: What else you get with this course

  • Pre-course assessment
    We’ll help you find the right course level for free
  • Small class size
    Learning is easier with a small class size – you can ask questions and get personalised attention
  • Hands on
    Plenty of hands-on practice, project and exercices – you can even bring your own files for practice.
  • Manual
    covers the essential aspects of creating PowerPoint presentation.
  • Support
    if you’re ever stuck with a macro or branching code after this course, you can get in touch for help! Forever!
  • Certificate
    we will send you a certificate so you can update your CV with the new skills you acquired during the training.

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Cancel at any time up to one week before course start for a full refund. Cancel up to 24 hours before course start for a refund less €85.

Save up to 20% by reserving this course with the follow-on VBA course in two weeks.

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8 October 2016
9:15 am - 5:00 pm
Free – €465
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