Microsoft Excel Intermediate Course

Our Excel Intermediate Course moves you up from the basics of excel and starts to introduce to some of the more exciting functionality that the program offers. This course covers the following items:

  • Spreadsheet Design and Management
  • Formulae and Functions
  • PivotTable Analysis

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Course Duration

One day or two half-days


Course Objectives

After completing this course you will be able to design and manage spreadsheets; apply best practices; troubleshoot complex models; analyse large amounts of data with PivotTables and PivotCharts; generate and customise charts to suit most purposes.

Who is this Course for

Existing Excel users with a good understanding of Excel basics who need to be more effective with Excel and automate reporting with functions, formulas, PivotTables.

Course Prerequisites

A good working knowledge of topics covered in our Microsoft Excel Introduction course is useful but not essential. Good computer knowledge.


Course Outline

Click on the headings below for more information on course topics:

Working with Formulas

Creating Simple Formulas:

• Basic Mathematical Operators
Absolute and Relative Formulas:
• Relative Cell References
• Absolute Cell References

Using Formulas across Worksheets:
• Using Formulas across Worksheets

Formula Auditing:
• Fixing Formula Errors
• Displaying And Printing Formulas

Working with Functions

Sum and Average Functions:

• Using the Insert Function Window
• Function Syntax

Using IF and Nested Functions:
• Using the IF Function
• Working with Nested Functions

Naming Cell Ranges:
• What Are Range Names?
• Defining And Using Range Names
• Selecting Nonadjacent Ranges
• Auto Calculate

Functions and Array Formulas:
• What Are Array Formulas
• Using Basic Array Formulas
• Using Functions with Array Formulas
• Using the IF Function in Array Formulas

Text Functions:
• LEFT and RIGHT Functions
• UPPER, LOWER and PROPER Functions

Excel Lists & Tables

Working with Lists:
• What Is A List/Table?
• Creating Lists/Tables
• Modifying Lists/Tables
• What Is The Total Row?

Working with Records and Fields:
• What Are Records And Fields?
• Adding Fields By Inserting Columns
• Adding Records By Inserting Rows
• Adding Records With A Data Form
• Finding And Deleting Records

Working with Lists and Filters:
• Sorting A List
• What Is An Autofilter
• Custom Autofilters
• Using An Advanced Filter
• Filtering With Wild Card Characters
• Copying Filtered Records

Using Excel as a Database

Using Database Functions:

• Using Database Functions

Data Validation:
• Data Validation

The VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP Functions:

Using Excel with Other Programmes
Using Excel in Word:
• Inserting Excel Data In Word
• Modifying Excel Data After Insertion
• Linking Excel Data In Word
• Linking An Excel Chart In Word


Using Excel with Other Programs and Files:
• Using Outlook To Send Excel Data
• Opening An Excel File In A Different Format
• Importing Data From A Text File
• Importing Data From A Database

Working with Charts
Using the Chart Wizard:
• Using the Chart Wizard


Modifying a Chart’s Appearance:
• Modifying a Chart’s Appearance

Other Chart Types:
• Other Chart Types

Reusing a Custom Chart:
• Reusing a Custom Chart


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