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I’m building a financial model in excel. I’d like to be able to insert a type of button which will apply different % increase to a range of cells. For example, I have 10 products in a list which have 10 different sales prices. I’d like to be able to add a button / scroll bar which will apply different % increases to the list of sales prices – such as 1%, 2%, 3% etc so I can run different scenarios and see how they affect the model. Appreciate your help in advance

Yes, it’s possible. While Excel still allows these controls on the page, you can use the Spin or Scroll Bar commands on an Excel spreadsheet to increase % rates and values or decrease them. You decide what the increase should be: +1 or +10 or +12 on each click? It’s up to you.

This trick only works with whole numbers (2% is 0.02 for Excel) so you will need to divide by 100 in calculations if you want to use this trick to increase % rates in Excel.

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