Adobe Captivate Course

When you need to provide a hands-on learning experience, Adobe Captivate offers one of the simplest means of building software simulation into e-learning courses.

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Course Duration

Two days or customised


Course Objectives

After completing this course you will be able to create simulations for software application training, build e-learning courses for demo, hands-on and assessment purposes. You will also learn principles of good e-learning design to engage the learners and be able to integrate a number of media: software demos, screenshots, video, sound, quiz, captions, text frames and interactive buttons, Flash animations and PowerPoint slides.

Who is this Course for

Anyone who needs to be proficient in building e-learning for their company. Typical attendees include: subject matter experts (SMEs), training professionals, software developers.

Course Prerequisites

No previous technical experience is required to attend this course. A good understanding of instructional design is an advantage but not necessary e.g. Train the Trainer course or Instructional design course. Get in touch today if you would like to discuss such a requirement before attending this Rapid e-Learning with Captivate.


Course Outline

Click on the headings below for more information on course topics:

Captivate Basics


  • What is E-learning
  • Captivate User Interface
  • Workspaces and preferences
Recording a Software Simulation


  • Designing and planning your e-learning
  • Preparing to record
  • Recording simulations
  • Editing simulations
  • Adjusting click-through trainings
  • Finishing and previewing the project
  • Timeline
  • Adjusting timing
  • Object transitions
  • Effect animations
  • Text animations
  • Zooming
Interacting with Users


  • Adding buttons
  • Adding click areas
  • Adding rollover images
  • Highlighting
  • Rollover slidelets
  • Pop-up captions
  • Adding text areas
  • Creating branching presentations
Slides and Slide Objects


  • Using blank slides
  • Creating a master page
  • Adding slide text
  • Checking spelling
  • Adding shapes
  • Adding images
  • Aligning and distributing objects
  • Rotations, shadows, gradients
  • Importing objects
  • Libraries

Audio and Voiceovers


  • The recording environment
  • Adding background audio
  • Adding audio to an object
  • Recording and adding voice-overs
  • Editing audio in Captivate
  • Splitting audio among slides
  • Adding video to a slide
Adding Video


  • Importing slide video
  • Synchronizing video
  • Creating closed captions
Masters, Templates and Libraries


  • Setting up Templates
  • Using Templates
  • Managing Assets and Libraries
  • Sharing Assets


  • Assessing learning
  • Setting up a quiz
  • Question types
  • Pooling and randomising questions
  • Managing Assessments
  • Generating SCORM-compliant output
Customising & Publishing a Project


  • Customising the Interface with skins
  • Playback controls
  • Tables of contents
  • Publishing a project
  • Setting up Flash player security
  • Exporting to video