You have a lot of data.


It takes time to collect that data, clean it up, analyse it and present it in meaningful ways. By the time you are done, you need to start all over again.


You know there must be a more effective way.


What if you could press one button and your work was done for you?

We help small and large organisations all over Ireland solve their data problems. We adapt to your requirements, your environment and objectives to produce the best solution for you.

We automate tasks that used to take hours and days into just a couple of minutes. Automation increases consistency, timeliness and accuracy.

Save time, money and stress and improve your efficiency and make better decisions for your organisations.

Imagine if all it took was pressing a button to clean up your data? What if you could drag and drop your data into stunning reports and charts?

✅ spreadsheet models

✅ data consolidation

✅ import clean up

✅ data migration

✅ database design

✅ templates

✅ forecasting models

✅ … your project?

Business Brains helps you simplify the way you work

Our Excel Expert Toolbox

Microsoft Excel


Whether you need a dashoard or forecasting model, we streamline your spreadsheets and design models with Excel, VLOOKUPPivot Tables, Charts and Slicer.

PowerBI + PowerPivot

We build data models and automation with PowerBI, Power Query and PowerPivot so you can manipulate millions of data points and produce stunning reports instantly.

Access Databases


If you need a user-friendly custom solution to collect data, organise, and produce reports we will build it for you in Microsoft Access.

Visual Basic (VBA)

Do you need to automate tedious and repetitive tasks, speed up your data migration, make mass edits? We replace hours of copy-and-paste with Visual Basic for Applications and Excel Macro development.

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