Microsoft Excel Advanced Course

Our excel advanced course allows you to fully utilise all the advanced features in this popular and useful program. Included are the following topics:

  • Data modelling techniques
  • What-if Analysis
  • Advanced PivotTables
  • Charting

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Course Duration

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Course Objectives

After completing this course you will be able to build complex data analysis and decision making models; use what-if scenarios, solvers and build reports. You will be able to mine data with PivotTable and PivotChart reports; you will build complex interactive spreadsheets.

Who is this Course for

Experienced Excel users who need to handle complex spreadsheet models in reporting and what-if analysis.

Course Prerequisites

Please get in touch with us and we will inform you of what you need to have in order to partake in this course


Course Outline

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Outlining & Grouping your Data

Outlining and Grouping your Data:
• Using Automatic Outlining
• Displaying And Collapsing Levels
• Grouping Data Manually
• Creating Subtotals

Using Pivot Tables

Creating PivotTables:
• What Is A PivotTable
• Creating A PivotTable Frame
• Specifying Data in a PivotTable

Rearranging PivotTable Data Pivot Tables and Charts:
• Modifying PivotTable Calculations
• Formatting A PivotTable
• Refreshing A PivotTable
• Charting A PivotTable
• Creating A PivotTable Based On Data From An External Database

What If Analysis

Exploring Scenarios:

• What Is A Scenario?
• Creating A Scenario
• Creating A Scenario Summary Report
• Saving Multiple Scenarios

Goal Seek, Data Tables and Solver:
• Using A One And Two Input Data Table
• Using Goal Seek
• Using Solver

Excel and the Internet

Excel and Hyperlinks:

• Hyperlinks and the Internet
• Inserting Hyperlinks
• Modifying Hyperlinks
• The Web Toolbar
• Browsing Hyperlinks In Excel

Excel Workbooks as Web Pages:
• Interactive and Non-Interactive Web Pages
• Saving A Workbook As A Web Page
• Saving A Worksheet As A Web Page
• Saving A Chart As A Web Page
• Saving A Range As A Web Page

Creating & Using Shared Workbooks

Creating and Using Shared Workbooks:

• Sharing A Workbook
• Requesting Reviews
• Reviewing A Workbook
• Tracking Changes
• Merging And Revising A Shared Workbook

Advanced Excel Tasks

Advanced File Management:

• Identifying File Properties
• Searching For Files
• Protecting Personal Information
• Creating Back Up Files
• Changing Auto-Recovery Settings

Custom and Advanced Features in Excel:
• Customizing Excel By Changing Options
• Using Custom AutoFill Lists
• Text To Speech
• Using Detect And Repair

Macros and Form Controls

Creating Macros in Excel:

• What Is A Macro?
• Creating A Macro
• Playing A Macro
• Assigning A Shortcut Key To Macro
• Macros, Buttons, And Toolbars

Excel Form Controls:
• What Is A Form Control?
• The Form Toolbar
• Adding A Control To A Worksheet
• Assigning A Macro To A Control
• Form Controls

Visual Basic (VBA) and Macros

Visual Basic (VBA) and Macros:

• Adding Code To Your Macro
• Adding Comments To VBA Code
• Declaring Variables
• Prompting For User Input
• Iteration Over A Range
• If Then Else Statements