Copy and Paste command group in Excel - Are you up for it or still dabbling?

Copy and Paste in Excel – Are you up for it or still dabbling?

This April’s Fools Day 2014 promotion is now over 😉 Thanks to all of you who did email with your witty comments!


We are delighted to announce our exclusive new webinar.

Since we started in the IT industry one trend we have seen increasing day after day at a rate even faster than new processors is the adoption of copy and paste technology across all platforms. Even the iPhone introduced copy and paste after only three version Today up to 45% of all our training focuses on best practices in the emerging field of copy-and-paste technology.

Time to Upskill Your Copy-and-Paste Knowledge?

This webinar is for professionals, job seekers, students and the elderly who wish to stay relevant in the current marketplace. Whether you have used computers for 1 week or 1 century, you can’t afford to miss this webinar

What’s covered?

Copy, Cut and Paste Basics

  • Why copy? Why paste?
  • What copy, cut and paste actually do
  • Difference between copy, cut and paste
  • Can I just type it all again instead?
  • The Clipboard
  • Troubleshooting the clipboard

Advancing Copy and Paste Use in the Workplace

  • Advanced Copy, Cut and Paste Techniques
  • Advanced copy – what’s in it for me?
  • Advanced paste – tricks of the trade
  • Copy, cut and paste using keyboard shortcuts, using the mouse
  • How to copy and paste
– plain text – formatted text – pictures – videos – websites – and more

Legal Considerations

  • What the law says in Ireland.
  • What can I not copy and paste?
  • What happens if I copy and paste copyrighted material?
  • Case study: Labour Unions vs State in Copy-and-Paste Row.

Health & Safety

  • Protecting yourself from repetitive strains injuries (RSI)
  • How to increase your copy-and-paste rate without shorting your pc
  • Static electricity considerations
  • Adjusting your Visual Display Unit (VDU) before copy-and-paste
  • Ergonomics of copy-and-paste
  Don’t delay! Be the best you can be. Sign up for a copy-and-paste webinar today, April 1st 2014