google-calendar-remiders-and-tasksHave your Tasks or Reminders gone missing from your Google Calendar? It may be due to one of your extensions.

Firstly, if you aren’t already using Reminders in Google Now and Google Calendar – you are missing out. If you are an Android user, you can speak reminders into your device and they get added effortlessly. You will then receive notifications on the go or at your desk.

But if you already use reminders successfully on your smartphone and they don’t appear on your PC, then we need to fix this…

The Tasks or Reminders calendar doesn’t show under My Calendars (in Google Calendar, using Chrome). Also you can’t add new reminders using Chrome. However, if you open you Calendar in other browsers, they appear correctly/


This may be due to an extension which blocks tracking sites . Check in your list of extensions whether disabling the extension solves the problem. Alternatively use a different browser.


This is the fix for the Disconnect extension. Browse to your calendar. If Tasks/Reminders isn’t showing under My Calendars, then click the Disconnect extension (one of the icons near your search bar).

A popup set of options is displayed. Click “Whitelist site” to… whitelist the site, which means that the tracking is no longer interrupted for this particular site. Refresh the calendar page and you will see Reminders/Tasks is back.





By the way, what is Disconnect, you say?

When your browse the internet, publishers may track information about your visit for statistical purposes and for boosting their advertising strategies. If you generally don’t like being a statistic, extensions like Disconnect will block such features on pages you visit and also inform you of the amount of tracking you are subject to unknowingly. Very interesting in itself…

You can install Disconnect from the Chrome web store