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Troubleshoot Excel Formulas with a Shortcut

Review all the formulas in your workbook quickly. On Friday, a longer article will tell you about troubleshooting worksheets. Here's how to get started: Switch from values to formulas with CTRL+`(that's single quote, the key just above the tab key on your Irish /...

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Corporate MOOCs are coming—are you ready?

Furthermore, by blending corporate training and MOOCs, employees could receive certification for on-the-job training. A corporate-sponsored, MOOC-like learning program associated with a brand-name educational institution would provide employees with corporate training...

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Microsoft Office 2013 – Yay or Nay?

Are you switching to Microsoft Office 2013 or thinking about switching? Here is a brief overview of the best/worst of Office 2013 based solely on my own experience. We do not offer an in-depth view of all that's new and different, just some of the top features worth...

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Draw your own clipart from scratch

Learn how to use the PowerPoint shapes and drawing tools to create your own shapes, from simple to elaborate. You never need to pay for your cliparts again if you have the patience to draw your own. In this video, Diane Elkins demonstrates how to use the Freeform tool...

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Power Pivot for Excel

If your company data comes from multiple sources or you find that the limit of 17 million cells in an Excel 2003 sheet (17 billion in an Excel 2007-2010 workbook format) is a problem, get some PowerPivot love in Excel 2010. Power What? An add-on for Excel 2010 (or...

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