How do I print just the Gantt chart in Microsoft Project without it being 50 million pages? I have tried every option possible and so far wasted about eleven trees of A3 paper but I just keep printing blank pages – is there some way to scale it without making it tiny? Could I split it up some way to print it – really tearing my hair out here!!! Any advice appreciated!

Your project runs over two years so the Gantt Chart timescale will create a lot of pages across. You have 300 tasks which means 7 A4 pages down.

It will be hard to print the whole schedule without severe deforestation or cutting down on what you print. You could for instance:

  • Print the task list only without the chart
  • Print the chart showing only critical tasks, milestones and summary tasks
  • Print only Levels 1 – 3 (that’s half the number of pages down already)
  • Hide columns that are not necessary on paper e.g. information column, task mode
  • Print a summary view only (collapse view of subtasks) over the two years with a compact timescale
  • Print separately current active tasks only (use a filter) using an expanded timescale
  • Reduce row heights, column widths, font sizes

In other words, at different stages of your project you will want to print / show different parts of the plan and the above choices will mean a smaller amount of pages but there is no easy way to minimise the number of pages without compromising on the amount of details.

Page Setup Options for the Gantt Chart

Page Setup Options for the Gantt Chart