Schedule projects and collaborate with Microsoft Project

About the course Schedule projects and collaborate with Microsoft Project

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Develop a WBS in Projet
  2. Create a schedule, link tasks,
  3. Assign resources inc. costs
  4. Estimate work loads and costs
  5. Format Gantt Charts
  6. Monitor progress and track deadlines

New and existing users of Microsoft Project, team leaders, managers, project managers who need to develop, manage their own schedules or use schedules created by others.

Industries: construction, pharmaceutical, services, finance, property, engineering and more.

This course is available over

  • one full day, or
  • two half days.

No prior knowledge of Project or project management is necessary to attend this course.

What is included with training?

  • Expert instructor
  • Fully customised course
  • Fully hands-on
  • Manual/Handout
  • Support after the course
  • Pre-course assessment, online.
  • Certificate of attendance


Course Contents for Schedule projects and collaborate with Microsoft Project

  • Build a schedule step by step in Gantt Chart view
  •  Assign resources (people, material, costs) to activities
  • Resolve scheduling conflicts and overallocations
  • Track and monitor your plan’s progress week after week
  • Produce visual dashboard and reports


Getting Started with Microsoft Project

  • Course overview
  • Project management software uses
  • Tools, Commands, shortcuts
  • Help, Indicators, Screen tips
  • Customising the workspace
  • Views, Tables, Filters

Setting up a Schedule

  • Setting Up the Environment: Timescale
  • Timeline
  • Calendars and Non-Working Time
  • System Options
  • Choose between Auto and Manual Scheduling
  • Filters Key steps
  • Project Outlining
  • Resource Driven Projects

Create a Gantt Chart

  • Develop a Work Breakdown Structure: Deliverables and Work Packets
  • Create a Gantt Chart and schedule
  • Tasks: Add Milestones, Summary and Recurring Tasks to your plan
  • Task Information
  • Linking tasks: Predecessors
  • Task Constraints
  • Lead and Lag times
  • Advanced Task Options
  • Using Notes
  • Highlight the Critical Path
  • Critical Path method
  • Slack

Manage Resources and Cost Effectively

  • The Resource Sheet
  • Create resources
  • Assign resources to activities
  • Cost Table Selection
  • Resolve Resource Overallocation
  • Resource Pools across multiple projects
  • Resources in effort-driven tasks

Track and monitor your progress

  • Capturing Baselines
  • Tracking view
  • Variance view
  • Tracking Status updates
  • Task completion (% Completed
  • Progress Lines

Resolve Common Scheduling Issues

  • Manage Overtime
  • Schedule shift work (24 hour calendar)
  • Resolve Scheduling Conflicts
  • Deadlines and Alerts

Dashboards, Report and Printing

  • Create visual dashboards and reports
  • Built-in and customised
  • Tables
  • Pie Charts
  • Column Charts
  • Print the Gantt Chart report
  • Custom Print table
  • Resolve printing issues
  • Page settings