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On-Site Training

Minimise time away from the office and costs. We come to you so you make the most of the day. 

Public Workshops

Join one of our scheduled public workshops or seminars and network with other professionals. 


Offset costs of transport and minimise time away from work. 

1 to 1,000 People

Whether you have to train 1, 10 or 1000 people we scale our solution to meet your needs.

Training is no longer just about learning a skill. Our training courses are all about your business, applying best practices, standards compliance, & increasing your competitiveness.
François Auerbach

Personalised Training
The last thing your business needs is another generic training solution. We work closely with you and your team to develop the perfect training solution for your business.
Expert Knowledge
With our expert knowledge we bring you Best Practices, not just tools. Our credentials ensure the best learning experience.
Real Impact and RoI
Our focus is on tangible results for your bottom line. Our training is aimed achieving real, measurable improvements, better decision making and problem solving.
100% Satisfaction
In the past five years, we’ve worked with over 5,000 individuals from over 300 companies. We have 100% customer satisfaction rating and 99% of our clients would recommend us. It’s a track record we’re proud to stand behind.
Better Value
If the above is not sufficient to convince, did you know that we will even beat your training supplier’s quote?

Personalised Training


We work closely with HR and Learning & Development managers to structure personalised training solutions. Empowering your team to a higher understanding…and a more effective way of working.


Real Results

Real Impact

Whether it’s Excel, PowerPoint, or any other Office component, our focus is on results. Real, measurable improvements in the way your company makes decisions, analyses data, and solves problems.



In the past five years, we’ve worked with over 5,000 individuals from over 300 companies. Delivered in excess of 20,000 hours of personal effectiveness training, and answered more than 400 support calls.

Graham O.
Graham O.AccBank
“The Excel VBA and Macros course was detailed and tailored to our needs and experience. It was very informative.”
David S.
David S.Deloitte
[two_third_last]“It was well presented and was very beneficial. The detailed examples were very good as a guide to using the material.”“It was well presented and was very beneficial. The detailed examples were very good as a guide to using the material.”
Treasa H.
Treasa H.DPD
“That it was done in house so it was a lot easier to keep up with work I had that day as well as completing the course. Also that the example used was from a report that we use in customers services so this made the training very relevant.”
Michael McM.
Michael McM.Deloitte
“Very personable instructor with good knowledge of his subject. Made an effort to tailor the content ofthe course to the audience which was good.”
Heidi H,
Heidi H,Idea Online
“(…) the training was tailored and that we used my own data (…) made it more relevant and applicable.(…) I didn’t imagine that a day of excel training could be enjoyable!”
Aaron S.
Aaron S.Deloitte
“Very impressive range of material covered in such a short space of time. Covered time-saving anduseful areas that were very applicable in real life work examples. I was very impressed.”
Anthony Carroll
Anthony CarrollAstraZeneca Pfizer Healthcare
François Auerbach was extremely helpful. He is incredibly knowledgeable on all matters IT, and turned my project into a masterpiece. I heartily recommend François and would be only too happy to seek his IT expertise in the future.
Calum Maclean
Calum MacleanElectricity Supply Board
Francois Auerbach is a conscientious and very IT-savvy person who quickly mastered the details of a complex SAP rollout whilst establishing a solid reputation for being able to get all IT-related things done and also a good rapport with his colleagues. 
John Purcell
John PurcellIrish Distillers Pernod Ricard
Francois was our consultant and the creator of our first customised elearning module. He delivered a very good product to a tight deadline, I am very happy to recommend him and his work. Francois Auerbach has delivered standard and customised IT training for us (…) always to a very high standard. Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity
Excel Participant
Excel Participant
Managed to mix humour with knowledge and expertise and kept us entertained while learning.
Excel Participant
Excel Participant
Very structured and good use of time getting through the material.
Peter Brady
Peter BradyEircom PhoneWatch
I have attended a number of courses where Francois Auerbach was the lead trainer. I have always found him to have great expertise in his subject areas and a very engaging presentation style. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to potential customers. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative.
Robert Burgers
Robert BurgersESB International
Francois Auerbach is a very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly teacher. If you have the courage to admit your way of formatting a report ‘might not necessarily be the best’, he’ll improve your skills. Well recommended! Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
Instructor very knowledgeable and very patient. Went over items until he was sure I could use them.
Course was very informative, I felt I was learning at the correct pace.
Excellent delivery of training by a very knowledgeable tutor.
Covered much more than I had expected. Gave me a full knowledge of the capabilities of the application.