Tip of the day shows text in different sizes and the keyboard shortcut CTRL + [ and CTRL + ]

Let’s talk about text, baby. Let’s talk about Outlook, Word and PowerPoint, namely, because today’s keyboard shortcut works in all three. So let me give you the shortcut now and then I will tell you about something extremely odd in relation to this particular issue of font size.

Resize text with a shortcut in Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook) 

This is a two-finger tip:

1. Select some text in your favourite application (Outlook, Word and PowerPoint are your choices).

2. With one of your fingers
– press down firmly on the CTRL key,

3. let another finger hit one of these keys repeatedly until you achieve the desired effect:

– to make text smaller: [ (that’s a left square bracket)
– to make text bigger: ] (that’s a right square bracket)
You done good, now wash your hands before you eat because your keyboard looks filthy.

Something odd about shortcuts in Microosft Office!

Now here’s the weird thing. If you hover over the size buttons in PowerPoint, the shortcut is shown as CTRL + Shift + < or CTRL + Shift + >; and in Word, the shortcut is shown as CTRL + < or CTRL + > which, incidentally, doesn’t work (for me at least – does it work for you?)

Yet, the shortcut I gave you today works in all three applications without being listed in any of them. So which one are you going to commit to memory? Huh? Huh? Which one?

Good. Go and do some work now or leave a comment if you just need to look busy for a little while.  🙂